Indonesian Military Transport Plane Crashes in Medan Area

Posted on June 30, 2015


Crashed Plane May Have Suffered Engine Problem, Indonesia Air Force Chief Says (Latest Development)

The fact that the plane turned rightward after takeoff suggests an engine failure

(MEDAN, Indonesia) — Indonesia’s air force chief said Thursday the military transport plane that crashed into a residential neighborhood of Medan killing 141 people had a propeller “abnormality” that indicates an engine stalled.

Air Marshal Agus Supriatna told reporters the fact that the plane turned rightward after takeoff and was flying at a lower than normal speed also suggests an engine failure.

Before crashing shortly after takeoff on Tuesday, the C-130 Hercules hit a 35-meter (115-foot) radio antenna, he said. “By hitting the antenna, I imagine it certainly affected the plane,” Supriatna said.

The search for bodies ended Wednesday. The plane was carrying 122 people and the impact also killed people on the ground.

Air force spokesman Dwi Badarmanto said it has grounded other B-type Hercules planes pending the investigation’s outcome. He didn’t say how many planes that involved.

The C-130 was carrying many more passengers than the military first reported. Initially, the air force said there were 12 crew members on the 51-year-old plane and did not mention passengers. It then repeatedly raised the number of people on board, indicating confusion about how many people had boarded and alighted during a journey covering several cities.

APTOPIX Indonesia Military Plane Crash

RAW VIDEO: Indonesian military plane crashes in Medan city, killing at least 20. ~AP

(Initial reporting) The crash occurred just TWO minutes after the plane took off from Soewondo airport in Medan, at 11.48 am WIB (Tuesday, 12.48 am ET)

(JAKARTA, Indonesia) — An Indonesian air force Hercules C-130 plane with 12 crew aboard crashed Tuesday into a residential neighborhood in Medan, the country’s third largest city. There was no immediate word of casualties but a local radio station, El Shinta, reported that the plane hit houses. Indonesian television broadcast images from the city of a downed aircraft in flames.

According to Metro TV, 15 casualties are confirmed dead including 8 soldiers and 4 crew members. And here’s the list:

Here’s the list of names of the soldiers included as dead victims of the crash:

1. Serma Bambang
2. Peltu Ibnu
3. Peltu Andik
4. Pelda Parijo
5. Peltu Ngateman
6. Peltu Yaya Komari
7. Pelda Agus Pur
8. Prada Alvian

The Hercules-C130 was operated by pilot Captain Sandy Permana, while Letda Dian Sukma acted as copilot. All casualties have been brought to the Adam Malik General Hospital, including a baby who’s wrapped in a corpse bag. Air force spokesman Dwi Badarmanto said the crash occurred not long before midday and just minutes after the plane took off from a Medan airport. A rescue effort was underway, he said.

MEDANAir force operations commander Agus Dwi Putranto said on local television there were 12 crew members on the plane. The total number of passengers on board was unknown.

The Hercules C-130 was made on 1964. It is the second time in 10 years that an air plane has crashed into a Medan neighborhood. In September 2005, a Mandala Airlines Boeing 737 crashed shortly after takeoff from Medan’s Polonia airport, into a crowded residential community, killing 143 people including 30 on the ground.

Medan, with about 3.4 million people, is the third most populous city in Indonesia after the capital Jakarta and Surabaya.