Singer @AgnezMo Initiates Powerful Peace Movement With ‘Generation of Love’

Posted on September 21, 2015


‘Coke Bottle’ singer creates such powerful and inspiring ‘The Oath of Love’ that is now billed as a Peace Movement Declaration on the celebration of International Day of Peace, in her hometown Jakarta.

by Alex JS, editing by Adam MS

The Beatles is always right, “maybe all you need is love“. And folks, if there is a list of Hollywood figures who seem to be still under your radar yet they will just absolutely inspire you like Madonna, Agnez Mo might be arguably atop of that list.

The Indonesian superstar previously announced last Friday in Jakarta (local time) that she alongside the Governor of Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, and former Indonesia first lady Nuriyah Wahid, would declare The Peace Movement Declaration. On Sunday the event finally took place at Jakarta City Hall as well as the celebration of International Day of Peace, which is today.

With her crossover hit Coke Bottle featuring Timbaland & TI, the multi-talented singer successfully introduced herself in Hollywood back in the spring 2013, and ever since she has been known to promote the peace movement particularly among her fans. She initially wrote and posted The Oath of Love on her social media platforms, and since then it’s been getting enormously serious attentions from millions of people not only in Indonesia but also from the states.

The hashtag ‘I #AMGenerationOfLove’ has been buzzing all over the social media after Agnez introduced it to her followers on twitter and Instagram (almost 19M and counting in total). It’s such an inspiring powerful small act that now has been growing into a massive social movement. What’s even more important is that this movement she creates is beyond relevant to nowadays’ efforts in ending hatred that grows among people not only in her home country Indonesia, but in so many dark corners all over the world, and even more so here in the United States.

Here in the free world, social campaigns that endorse more peace, acceptance and love among people, has been an everyday social movement all across the states which also involved some of the biggest names in Pop-Culture. Back in 2012, Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, launched the Born This Way Foundation; an anti-bullying advocacy group in partnership with Harvard. So, that would be awesome to see if Agnez Mo ‘Generation of Love’ campaign could collaborate in certain ways with some major organizations that have been promoting love & peace with so many powerful names in Hollywood such as the UCLA Civil Rights ProjectHRC, GLAADor even The United Nations.

Speaking of, just like Agnez Mo’s social campaign for peace and love, there are some other pretty similar platforms here we all know that have been well-established for so long. They even have diverse interests and jump into various social issues, such as Dan Savage’s famous It Gets Better project, and now the never-ending #BlackLivesMatter to the well-received #LoveIsLove movement. The later of course has proven to accomplish one of its goals last summer with such massive celebration all across the country and all over the world.

So let’s just hope that this truly inspiring ‘Generation of Love’ campaign that Agnez Mo has started in her home country, could resonance here in the free world too, so all the Americans can engage themselves into such important social movement to stop spreading hatred and bring more of peace, and love instead. And since Agnez has been living in Los Angeles now, maybe Mayor Eric Garcetti in L.A. could do something about it? Or what about in New York? Pretty sure some of Johnny Wright people here could get in touch with Governor Andrew Cuomo for that, ha. Just something to think about, okay.

Point is, WAY TO GO, Agnez Mo! Keep going, BRING IT to the states. We’re more than lucky to have you here. xo

Alex JS is a research associate at The Guardian US, and co-editor in chief of The Adam’s Corner.